Air Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, Hydronic Balancing and Fume Exhaust System testing performed to HVAC systems, are among of the most important tasks needed to make an Engineering Design Project become successful.

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New Balance Air & Hydronics Inc is an independent Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) firm serving customers all over Canada. With a strong knowledge and experience in engineering of air and water systems, gained over the years of working in design and commissioning, our team is qualified to perform and manage all aspects of HVAC systems Testing, Adjusting and Balancing. The firm applies and conforms to all TAB procedures and ASHRAE standards for air and hydronics environmental systems.

New Balance Air & Hydronics Inc performs the work under contract to the owner or the owner’s representative, General or Mechanical Contractor approved by the owner, and Consulting Engineers firms.

We understand that quality in our business means "do it right". We also recognize the importance of providing accurate data in our reports about the real status of the HVAC systems installed. As we are fully committed to our customer satisfaction, we work in conjunction with all the parties involved in the project, to archive Engineer’s design.

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